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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Board creates process for defining work during the moratorium

At last night's public meeting, the Edmonton Public Schools Board of Trustees approved the formation of a committee that will look into better understanding the issues and impacts that surround school closures. This committee will also work to keep schools open by recommending initiatives to the Board during the two year moratorium.

The Board voiced a desire to understand all the facts and issues that affect school space and to integrate the information they have been receiving regarding lease agreements, deferred maintenance and budgets.

"The Board wasted no time moving forward with its moratorium work, approving the creation of a committee last evening that will advise the board in understanding the issues related to school closures and keeping schools open," said Dave Colburn, Board Chair.

The roles and responsibilities for this committee will be brought forward to the Board in February 2011 and will include the terms of reference plan and a proposed budget.

The Board was also was pleased to hear about new ways Edmonton Public Schools is supporting at-risk students, such as:

  • High School Beyond Year Three Pilot project, which identifies students who have withdrawn from high school or who are at risk of withdrawing and working with them to develop a customized program to help support high school completion.
  • Initiatives underway to support Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans-identified and Queer (GLBTQ) Youth.

A full agenda and reports presented at last evening's Board meeting are available under the Board of Trustees section of In addition, an archived copy of the Board meeting webcast is available at

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